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Valerio Romondia

Valerio Romondia is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Rome that engages with architecture, interior design, product, yacht, hospitality and project management, always looking for a mix, a dialogue between the various areas. The result is a stratification of our background, of the emotions experienced and of our passions.

Our approach is essential, ethical, how we work, where, how we communicate, up to the result of what we design. Ours is a timeless, pure language, without the search for extremely complex details or artificial complexities. The purpose is to create ethereal, essential and timeless spaces, discreet and silent atmospheres, where you feel good, where for us, the design itself should almost not be perceived. Spaces that become the starting point, the stage, of the history of those who will live there. The materials, the shapes, are pure, absolute, almost arketypes and define architectures, spaces, which must work as a whole, in the totality of the atmosphere they enclose and not for individual details. Atmospheres where you can find yourself, at peace with your soul. Each

project follows a fixed, absolute design line, but which at the same time is reinterpreted according to the traditions, materials and needs of the place, the context in which it is placed, transforming its traits, difficulties, into ever new opportunities.

The materials are selected and used, enhancing their purest essence. The use of production furniture is very limited in favor of handcrafted creations and old pieces, of modern art, antiques, which must always have a history, an identity, and the strength to become part of the architecture itself, enhancing and describing it traits. The materials and surfaces are almost never perfect, they are instead alive, with their characteristics, ready to evolve with the passage of time, without fear of modification, of bringing out their defects because they will thus become ever more fascinating and engaging.

The combinations of materials, objects, the definition of volumes and proportions do not follow traditional schemes and are not afraid to be irreverent. It is our vision of understatement luxury. The purpose is not to upset but to welcome with discretion, sobriety and warm.